I hereby proclaim my button love ~

With it being International Button Week I thought it would be nice to finally introduce myself as a true button lover ~ just like you! My name is Dawn of The Feathered Nest and I have loved buttons for such a long time. When browsing antique stores or malls, I'm always drawn to bags, cards or jars filled with buttons ~ They truly are such wonderful little things.

These last two photos courtesy of Grandmother's Buttons ~ aren't these creations beautiful?

A little poem I wrote in honor of International Button Week ~

Where have you been little button?
Whose clothes did you adorn?
Have you traveled the world over?
How many years were you worn?

If only you could tell the tale
Of how you've come so far.
Through years of being sewn and stitched
and into my button jar.


I'm so happy to be a part of Button Floozies....because I KNOW that you "get" me!!
xxoo, Dawn


Tina Peacock said…
Hi Dawn, I really think your blog is beautiful and I can really connect with the verse above your title on there. Beautiful buttons, it's great they are still on their vintage cards, too!
Vickie said…
Hi Dawn! I absolutely love buttons! So I just had to join this celebration! Thank you for sharing your beautiful buttons! I am going to try to post something about buttons everyday this week!
Thanks again!
Debbie Doughty said…
Love all your buttons and especially love the poem you wrote!
Jessica Rodarte said…
Hello. What pretty buttons! I loved your poem. Truly, it tells the journey of many buttons. ;)
kate said…
Hi i love the vintage buttons the the displays you did photographing
them!!! Beautiful
please visit our new blog
Beth Leintz said…
Love those button flowers- and the white & ecru vignettes- so pretty.
Abbie said…
Hi Dawn,
thank you for posting! Your collections of buttons are just marvelous! :) That large button card is amazing. The jewelry from Grandma's buttons is gorgeous! Oh, a button poem! Yeay! the first I have seen!
Mrs Pretzel said…
LOVE LOVE LOVE your post!! LOVE it. Did you make the buttons in the planter? I'd love to learn how you did that!
Melanie said…
i love the buttons in the planter. That is so me and it would definately go in my house. The jewelry from buttons is awesome and I love the little poem:)