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Buttons in the wild

Often, when I'm out shopping and see vintage buttons, I photograph them with the intention of posting them here.  It's been a while since I've done that, so now you will get to see a bunch of them at once!  This woman was a vendor at a craft show, and most of her creations were made with vintage buttons! I'd love to see the buttons you find out in the wild!

Germany Buttons

I am lucky enough to know a family from Missouri who has lived in Munich Germany many years and come to Missouri once a year to visit family. Anyway Carl is a book collector and seller of antique books so he always brings me books because I love books also. Mostly he has brought me antique German Bibles from 1700-1800's. He did great this year and brought me a book on buttons. I can't read it however the pictures are wonderful. This is the cover of the book.                                                            How I would love to have these black buttons with the gold trim, gorgeous  I like the black and white contrast also of these buttons  This is the wonderful glass buttons he brought me and I love them ,they are still attached to the material from where he purchased them I hope you enjoy looking at these, can anyone out there year these German words?  Janice