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Antique Easter Buttons

Aren't these the cutest Easter buttons? They are German buttons with a handpainted rabbit on each one. I found them on this website: Nanalulu's Linen Closet  

National Button Society - National Button Week

March bring s us the National Button Week .         (from my butt on collection,  a grouping of small Victorian Celluloid buttons) F rom my buckles, buttons & dress tr im collection I purchased in E ngl and     and from France   (buttons on original button card s from the collection of T ar a Boynton)     F rom the Home page of the National Button Socie t y website :  "Households have long followed the practice of snipping buttons from clothing headed for the ragbag. Do you remember playing with your mother’s—or grandmother’s or great-grandmother’s—button box or jar or tin? The impulse to collect is a basic part of the human psyche, and buttons have been admired and collected for centuries. Button collecting was recognized as an organized hobby through the founding of the National Button Society in 1938 ."   To read more, click on this link: NBS .    Here is one of the postcards I 've c reated for  b utton pres enta

Vintage Buttons

I've got quite the collection of vintage buttons. I try and add them to my projects so I'm always on the lookout for different colors. This time, brown. These have been added to a gadget cozy as the 'tie closure'. Does anyone know how old these might be?

Happy weekend!

Here's hoping your weekend is as much fun as bowl full of buttons!