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Button card art for Christmas!

Here's a simple little project that takes just a few minutes, using vintage plastic buttons: The button card "base" was from a scrapbook page of reproductions of old ones, but you can make your own or download some free ones, like this one: I also made this sprig of holly last night -- same idea, but using green felt I freehand cut, and three smaller red buttons: These make great gift tags or stocking stuffers for all your button-loving, crafty friends!  I can't wait to see your button crafts for the holiday season!

Different Kinds of Buttons

I found a coffee tin with a mass of all kinds of buttons. I pulled a few favorites out.  Here they are... Thanks for looking, and please comment.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Button Floozies!

Buttons in the wild

I shopped at a an antique holiday sale the other day, and spied some charming buttons: We'd love to see your button art -- holiday themed or otherwise!