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Something to Crow About

I had great fun last week painting chickens and goldfinches on my old MOP buttons... All the buttons are 1"...approx. the size of a quarter.  All my roosters are artwork... rooster buttons, rooster coffee cups, rooster wood cuts, etc. Roosters are gorgeous there's no doubt about it but they are also noisy and aggressive with the hens... I do have a woodcarving of a handsome rooster hanging in the hen house as a little "eye candy" for the "girls"..I only have three hens and since no roosters I never have chicks...but lots of lovely fresh eggs..... I love to start the day collecting eggs and letting the “girls” run loose in the garden. Painting on buttons is great fun and for anyone wanting to try it I do have a detailed tutorial on my blog. I do sell them at art fairs and in my etsy shop.  If there is another "button painting floozie" I'd love to hear from her.   Gerry Krueger

Buttons online

Here are a few button links I've seen in places all over the world wide web in the last day or two: beautiful button jars junking button finds simple, but fun! I hope you're planning a button-filled week!

Scrapbook Buttons

Hi there- I just wanted to share a photo I took of some pretty buttons from a local scrapbook store. I love vintage but sometimes I find buttons in paper stores too :) I can't wait to use these on a new project!

Author, author!

Attention all you Authors of Button Floozies : I sent you an email on August 13 and have heard back from a handful of you.  Thank you again to all who have responded! If you haven't, I would love it if you would take a moment to reply.  In case you haven't received my email, please check your "spam" folder as it went to 100 people; also, it was addressed to the email that you used to become a contributor to Button Floozies, so if your email has changed in the meantime, please check your previous email account. Thank you!

Sunday buttons

I belong to the Colorado Springs Button Club, and we had our monthly meeting yesterday.  It was a fun one; instead of a "program" this time, we brought our own buttons to do some work on them.  Some people spent time putting their buttons on cards, which is the preferred storage and organization method.  I was merely sorting through small bags of buttons I've bought and haven't had time to separate.  Two shoeboxes full! It was such a satisfying way to spend a couple of afternoon hours on a Sunday! I "re-discovered" so many favorites!  I love this one for it's wonderfully ornate front... and then it's sort of "bubbled" reverse.  I have a round one like it, too. This one is ball-shaped... and the one next to it is made from overlapping pieces of scalloped metal, in a pinwheel shape. I think that carved mother-of-pearl are my favorites, though. That, and glass, like these colorful beauties (above.)

New to me

I found these lovey, heavy, blingy buttons in a grab bag of vintage sewing notions at the thrift store the other day: These beauties just came to me via a swap called Grandma's Attic Matchbox swap: And, look at this adorable, tiny tin (it's about the size of a nickel) that held more buttons: Have you found any buttons this week?  Do tell!

Button on!

My name is Laurie Jackson and I've been a regular contributor to this blog for more than a year, when I'm not blogging over at Indulge Your Shelf .  A few days ago, I became the new Admin of Button Floozies -- and I am very excited to begin to have some fun with all of you! Notice anything different?  I have just begun to make a few small changes here and there to the blog design, and I've put together a couple of new blog buttons, which you can grab over at the right sidebar (just copy the code in the little box below the photo, and add it to your blog as html using your gadget or widget tool.) I have a few ideas up my sleeve for Button Floozie events; I'd like to begin having a regular linky party that everyone can join in on, as well as putting up a few challenges, giveaways, and maybe even a button swap or two.  How does that sound? Mostly, though, I would just love to see more of your buttons, and what you've been making with your button treasur

Creative Button Swap!

My friend and button collector extraordinaire, Tami, is holding a Creative Button Swap on her blog, Vintage Connections .  For this swap, you would need to take a minimum of 5, quality vintage or antique buttons and mount them (sew or with wire=no harm to the button) in a creative way; swap is one-to-one so you will send your creation to your partner.  Samples of mountings are on her website ! Click on the link to read all about it, and hopefully enter!  It sounds like so much fun!

Vintage Button Bobby Pins

Hello, it has been a very long time since I posted on Button Floozies. I am still collecting and creating with vintage buttons ♥ I made these this morning, you can win a set if you leave a comment on my blog Leah

Button! Button! Who paints a button?

I do!   I started painting roses on buttons because I wanted to have something unique to add to crazy quilting round-robins. At first I just painted roses but then added a fish for an A under the sea @ block , a dragonfly for a garden block and a barn for a farm   block Y   Eventually I started doing birds, bunnies, kittens and my favorite B cottages. In the beginning I was always in search of suitable buttons but I happened upon a large supply of MOP buttons from a long-defunct factory that produced buttons in the 30s and 40s. These vintage buttons have a mellow luminosity that comes only with age Y   My buttons are 3/8 @ to 1 2 @ with 1 @ buttons being my favorite.     If you are interested in painting on buttons I have a tutorial on my blog, My buttons are on Etsy (http :// ) and it gives me   great joy to know my buttons are being used by others, not only for crazy quilting but for making jewelry and other crafts

Button Floozies Blog For Sale

Hi Button Floozies and followers! I would like to offer this blog up for sale (not for too much, just to make sure that whom ever picks it up is serious about buttons and crafting..) to someone who loves buttons, perhaps has an Etsy or online shop and is willing to keep up with it. We have almost 100 members with 650+ Google Friends and I just don't have the time to devote to it anymore. If you are interested in carrying the torch for the Button Floozies please let me know via email.. (just mention Button Floozies in the subject). Thank you!! xoxo~ Abbie