Buttons Packed Away!

Here are the
photos that I promised
to show you of the
buttons that were being
stored in a vintage cane
sewing basket. This will be my
last post for about two months.
Some of you may know that I am
moving house and with that all
of my vintage sewing is just about
packed away ready for the big move.

These photos show a mixed lot of
buttons on cards and when we
have moved I can then photo them
in more detail.
There is a mix of old and modern buttons.

I hope you enjoy the photos!


LiLi M. said…
A dream comes true!
Unknown said…
Gosh you are such the button floozie : ) I hope your move goes well. I will surely miss your blog updates.
Bev said…
WHAO! Happy moving!
Nola said…
Oooh, what great eye candy! They are beautiful.
Pallas said…
Okay, I'm drooling now. :>) What a fantastic lot of buttons on interesting cards. Happy moving.

Heidi said…
Whoot! Now that'a some great vintage button cards!!!
wow mrs.crazyhaberdasher! i love the dutch girl ones and those white plastic ones still on the moulding plstic WoW i've NEVER seen ones like that before how COOL!!
good luck with the moving x
Charlene said…
WOW! The mother load was in that basket. Lucky you.
Amrita said…
Hi Heidi, Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting.

I am so impressed by your profile and artwork.

I 've got lots of old buttons like these now I know what to do with them.