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A Merry Merry to You All......

This is the button tree I shared with you last year. Just wanted to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas! I hope yours is happy, safe and joyful! karen......

Merry Christmas, Button Floozies!

For those celebrating this week... May your Christmas be merry and your button surprises many!

Christmas Shopping with

CSN Stores has over 200 online stores where you can find everything from stylish furniture, tv stands   , AND Thomas Paul's fabulous Decor Designs! Have I ever told you that I love Thomas Paul? ABSOLUTELY LOVE HIS DECOR PRODUCTS. Perhaps because the images are vaguely similiar to some of the science inspired images here on The Moth. You can find some of his fabulous decor designs at . Have you had the chance to peek at some of Glenna Jean's products?? I just love the button flowers! Alright, that's it. I'm done for now. Fun though isn't it?? I just love finding inspirations all over the place! is filled with thousands of products, seriously, thousands. Free shipping. Love it! Thank you for shopping with me! Merry Christmas! We'll be back with our regularly scheduled images in a day or two. xoxo~ Abbie (Disclosure: I was compensated for this post, but the opinions and flattery are my own. Seriously. I honestly ADORE

Christmas with buttons!

I thought I'd share a few Christmas ornaments and decorations that I found which use buttons. I didn't share photos here since they're other people's property. Most of the links either have instructions or patterns or have a link to them. Enjoy the cuteness! Ornaments : Mitten ornament . Another mitten ornament . Christmas tree ornaments in denim . Gingerbread man and gal . Trees : Button tree . Another button tree with lots of buttons! And another button tree !

I bought this pretty tin at the estate liquidation store...

And you know what comes in pretty tins, right? Come visit my blog today and see the buttons!  (You can also enter my 2 year/500 post Blogaversary giveaway!)

Buttons Love

I wrote a post about a treasury on buttons I was included in over at etsy ... Stop by and see the post here ... Have a wonderful weekend~ Andrea

Buttons Buttons Buttons

I found this picture here and thought how lovely and eye-catching it is. I would spend ages just looking at all of that colour showing through the glass jars. Not quite that organised here I am afraid! Article attached to read if you wish. xx

I won some pretty buttons :)

Take a peek at my blog to see another photo of the buttons & other goodies I won : ) Happy Thursday to all of you~ Andrea

What is your favourite button shop?

The post about the amazing Knoppen Winkle (Button Shop) in Amsterdam made me wonder where all you Button Floozies get your kicks in the UK. Which shops are worth visiting , who has the best selection of buttons to fondle and drool over? I'm talking proper bricks and mortar shops, internet shopping is great, but I want to actually smell those buttons!

It's time to renew membership in the National Button Society!

Just a reminder that if you haven't already, it's time to renew your membership to the National Button Society !  Although renewals were officially due October 31, you may still enroll online and/or mail in now to be received during their generous grace period.   It's also a great time to join and get the full year's benefit!  You need not be a US resident to join the club. One great perk is the National Button Bulletin, which comes out five times each year, and is full of information on our favorite subject... and photos you won't find anywhere else! Also: consider joining your State and Local Button Societies as well!  Mine, the Colorado State Button Society , is always accepting new members!  You can find a whole list of State societies on this page .

Want to Win This?? A Celebration Giveaway from

To celebrate the launch of my new  shop , I thought it would be nice to have a giveaway . This is an opportunity to win one of my project packs - you could win all the items shown in the photograph:- a vintage postcard; a vintage cuff with lace and ribbon from a very small garment; a length of French edging trim with little boys and girls on it; 2 types of quality ribbon from VV Rouleaux; various other lace bits, a yo-yo with pink bow and 6 vintage buttons. Here's how you can win! For 1 chance of winning, leave a comment on my blog , then post about my shop,  BuntyBarmcake  (not my blog) on your blog / website and link back to me. For 2 chances of winning, leave a comment on my blog , then post about my shop    BuntyBarmcake     (not my blog)   on your blog /  website, link back to me and become a Follower (on my blog).  {If you are already a follower of my blog ( Vintage Bunty ), mention it in the post and you will automatically receive a second chance of winning.} I will dr

Buttons from Amsterdam

Yesterday was a nice autumn day and I went to Amsterdam just to stroll around. I think Amsterdam is one of the best shopping centers of the world, with all those funny little boutiques. You should go and see for yourself one day. When I was walking down one of the canals, suddenly my eye caught... Look at that brown dot at 9 o'clock! Zoom in: Ah...exciting.... Let's take a closer look! That button must be the largest I have ever seen! Of course! We are at the 'knopenwinkel'! Knoop=button and knopen=button and winkel means shop.   Everything sings button over here; the doorknobs and even that nice little sign 'open' is made out of buttons! Even the windows have been buttonized! (Did I just invent a new word?) But of course we have come to see this^ And this^ These button canvasses behind the counter are a great way of displaying buttons.  On the counters a trompe l'oeuil and some real buttons are making a fool of your eyes.  (just click on the photo to have

Recent Button Finds

I scored two bag lots of buttons last week at a local Antique Sale.  I could see that the bags contained a lot of junk and rust and yet peeking through were some black glass, pearls, white glass and Victorian metals, so I decided to take a chance and buy them. After sorting through the bags and discarding the rusted and broken bits, I ended up with some pretty ones as shown.  The extra work of cleaning and sorting was so worth it.   I hope you agree!

My newest loves!

I'm just back from a Button Workshop and Sale, and wanted to show you my  newest loves:    'Come visit my blog today for descriptions and more photos!

Coconut Buttons Flowers

My summer flower design. Coconut buttons, linen, satin floss DMC. Sashkin house CrossStitch&Embroidery Sorry, text in blog is russian:) But I think everything is understandable. You can use a Google translator if you like it. Have a good day!

What To Do With Grandma's Buttons

Floozie is too nice a term.  I'm a Buttonholic.  I have tins and jars full but I've found another way to use them.  If you can crochet a chain stitch, you can make this necklace.  Google crocheted necklaces and take your pick of tutorials but I got mine from Rebecca Sower's blog .  Have fun. I am.

Some vintage buttons

Just thought I'd share some vintage buttons from a most recent project. I love the swirly details. And the burnt orange and chocolate colors~ they remind me of Autumn : ) And some, not so vintage. In fact-I believe they're new. But I love the colors too : ) I'm getting ready for Autumn colors~even if they're just in buttons!


Everyone has their favourites! These are mine -

Delicate but Timeless

I love these buttons. They remind of a times gone by. They have a very delicate appearance and can be used on some many different items. Had fun taking the photograph, it is tricky taking pictures of pale buttons! x

Button Brooch

I saw and was inspired by a button brooch featured on Button Floozies about a year ago. Can not find the post again but if you now it was you thank you for the inspiration and leave a comment here so everyone else knows who it was. I added a small crochet flower as the base of my brooch and the large pink button is vintage. My Mum gave it to me years ago along with a box of other buttons. The wire was the tricky bit but once it was all together it looked really good. I am going to try some other colour combinations next. xx

Button Bling

There's nothing quite like having a little Button Bling in the button box. Here are just a few of the vintage, sparkling gems in mine. If you're a Floozie, I'm sure you have a few, too. I'd love to see what yours look like! Who's next? I hope you'll visit Brynwood Needleworks to see what's new in the studio this week.

Beautiful black glass buttons

I blogged today about a class I took on black glass buttons; if you're interested, please come on over and take a look !

Vintage (and new) buttons

The left and far right buttons are vintage.The center one is a crystal style new on e . I just made up a few cell phone cozies. One of the best parts about making them is getting to choose from my vast button collection ; ) I actually didn't go with any of those... I went with a vintage orange one! You can read more about them here & here : ) They're also listed in my shop Have a great weekend!!

Button Heart Pin Tutorial...

I have another great tutorial to share with you today. This one is for a button-embellished, heart-shaped pin created by the beautiful Simone at Beach Vintage . It's called "My Heart Exposed" Brooch. She'll take you through all the steps to create a pin of your very own. Click here to see how it's done. I hope you'll also visit me - Donna at Brynwood Needleworks. I'm celebrating with a giveaway. You can sign up until July 14th. Just click here to enter.

A Tutorial To Share...

My friend, Michele at Michele Made Me has a great tutorial on making covered buttons. They're really beautiful, and all of us Floozies can probably stay out of a lot of trouble by making our own! I'm sharing it with her permission. Please pop over, check out her tutorial, her blog and please be sure to tell her I sent you over to visit. I always love visitors, too, and am currently hosting a giveaway at Brynwood Needleworks , so come on over and enter when you get a chance!

Three year blog anniversary giveaway drawing

I am having a give away in honor of the three year anniversary of my blog. Just leave a comment on my blog (link below) to have your name entered in the drawing. If you are already a follower or become a follower , I will enter your name twice. A thank you for my blog visitors. Pallas