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Happy National Button Day!

Coming up on November 16 is the day set aside to celebrate buttons, National Button Day; this is thanks to the efforts of the National Button Society .  Here are some of the buttons that are currently giving me joy: Bakelite heaven -- sewn to a bracelet cuff in amazing colors!  Bakelite and other early plastics. When you have lovely friends you often received unique and beautiful button art as gifts!  Shell set in metal. Two lovely pieces of jewelry created by someone, from buttons.  Plastic and metal. I discovered some carded buttons that were identified at a recent estate sale I visited.  These are my current favorites! He's a little blurry because he wouldn't sit still -- look at this little squirrel!  That tail! Celebrate your buttons!  Use them, display them, enjoy them.  This morning I sewed one of the very first buttons I ever collected onto a pumpkin I created, just for fun: I hope you will take a little time on Tuesday to celebrate your buttons, too!  If you do, and pu