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My Favorite Buttons- Old Ceramics

I know, it's hard to decide what your FAVORITE buttons is- there are so many to love! I've got lots of buttons, but the ones I've decided to collect to keep are these china/ceramic buttons. I'm not sure of the exact age but they started making them in the 1800's and stopped somewhere around 1930. These are calicos- the small print is similiar to calico fabric. These are stencils. This group of white china buttons has a bunch of different kinds of buttons- unfortunatley I don't know the names of a lot of them. The buttons on the bottom are called Whistles. They had one hole on the top and two holes on the bottom. I'm really not sure how they were attached. The round buttons in the top group with the fluted edge are called...pie crusts- because there edge looks like the fork tined edge of a pie. So what are your FAVORITE buttons?

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to YOU!!

I hope everyone has a delightful Christmas ....I have my holiday greeting for everyone over on my blog ..please drop by for a moment! Hugs, Stephanie the Queen of Dreamsz

Button Bouquet Tutorial

Back in November I posted with a picture of a button bouquet I made for my daughter's bedroom. I finally made a tutorial about how to make your own. Click here to go to my blog . Lots of pictures and super easy to make! It would make a great last minute Christmas gift. Use vintage buttons you have laying around or go buy some fun colored buttons at your local craft store. Kids love making these too!

Fabric covered buttons - how to make them, how to use them...

Hello Button Floozies! I don't know whether you have seen it on my blog or not, but I thought I might share it with you :) Some time ago I fell in love with the fabric covered brads. But I live in Poland and it is still quite difficult to buy some things here, and as I'm impatient and can't wait long I usually have to be creative :) I had some fabric covered buttons, like here: After adding some Prima flowers they looked like this: And I had to try one of them on the card: But I just kept thinking.... and I made some more fabric covered buttons myself! Here they are: I added some fabric or paper flowers, cheesecake cloth, and used stamps! Here are the effects: Want to find out how I did them? I don't have any devices, just fabric, button, thread, needle and scissors. Here is my simple tutorial . Look how nice one of them looks on the layout: They also look pretty great on pony tail holders I did for my niece: They can be used to make rings, broches, badges or bobby pins

Containing My Button Collection

Hi All Button Floozies, What a great site this is. I'm so glad I was directed here and now to be a member too. It's great to see what others are collecting and creating with their buttons. I have a posting at my Angelina's Trinkets site about " Containing My Button Collection ." Hop on over and see what I've come up with. Glad to meet all of you. Blessings, Angelina

please vote for me!!!

hi button floozies - i have entered my little button christmas tree in a competition on a site called craftjuice and wondered if i could ask for your support in voting for me? it's a bit cheeky to ask i know but i've had such a good response to my tree in blogland and on flickr so i'd love it to do well! * * * * * * mErRy ChRiStMaS tO aLL tHe wOrLd'S bUtToN fLoOZiEs * * * * * * vote here! ps: there are lot's of other great entries there to vote for too!

A gift

I recieved this for a gift last year from a co-worker. Wouldn't it be fun to sew buttons on a stocking around the top like a cuff.

Button Jar

Hi, I'm new to this blog and just wanted to say hello and show you a picture of my button jar. I love looking at all of your button pictures. They bring back sweet childhood memories. When I was young my mother kept buttons in a cookie tin. She would take them down from the closet shelf and let me play with the buttons. I love buttons. I keep my buttons in an old blue Mason canning jar that belonged to my Memaw. These pewter buttons are a recent purchase. I plan on sewing them onto a knitted neckwarmer.