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Estate Sale Buttons & Gone with the Wind Buttons

These photos are just a few of the buttons I recently purchased in estate sale buttons tins   If you are interested in seeing more of my estate sale button finds and to read my article on Gone with the Wind buttons, please click here to visit my Vintage Connections blog post. Happy button hunting to you, Tami Hacker

Vintage Button Gift

A friend of my Mother's from High School, recently gave her a bag of buttons to give me. Aren't these great!? I can't wait to start adding them to some of my projects : )

Buttons on display

Don't you love finding buttons tucked away in antique markets? Look how someone mounted colored buttons on Bingo cards -- just simple plastic buttons, but it makes a special display. I really love this general-store type drawer unit (front, above) And here's the back. Lots of goodies tucked inside... and on top!  I adore the look of clear glass jars full of white buttons!

Beautiful Buttons!

Last weekend I met an elderly gentleman at the flea market who has been collecting buttons for many years.  I feel in love with a tray of rhinestone buttons and was able  to negotiate a price that I felt was reasonable for both of us.  He thought that most of the ones I purchased were from the 40's. If any one has suggestions for a good resource to learn more about my new collection or a way to display them, please comment.