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Reuse, Recycle, Upcycle - Buttons!

Has one of these creative reuse, recycle, upcycle CRAFT stores popped up near you yet?  Oh my goodness, I visited  this one  today and it was like heaven! It was as if you were in the sewing/crafting section of your favorite thrift shop and found something amazing for pennies...except, EVERYTHING was amazing and everything costed pennies! I spent a total of $6 and got all of this: Vintage Hallmark embossed wrapping paper - perfect for Valentines! - an unopened vintage tissue roses kit, beautiful old card box, NIP Dept. 56 garland...  a bride and groom cake topper that I've been looking for for a project, pretty old pin box...  3 yards of fabric with finished edges -- perfect to make table runners from...  and a bag of  all  these finished quilt squares, plus extra pieces... someone worked very hard on these, and most of the fabric is raw silk.  I'm thinking pretty pumpkins! Not shown: a stack lovely blue deckled writing paper, some large mailing envelope

Buttons for a Memorial

I just had the pleasure of stuffing a box full of as many vintage buttons as I could, as a donation to the California Holocaust Education and Resource Center .  The organization is building a memorial to the 6 million Holocaust victims out of buttons and are collecting that many!  In these bags there are some very fun buttons mixed in with some very common ones; all are vintage. Believe it or not, I managed to get ALL the buttons shown above into the box! At some point, the Center will add them to their count; I can't even guess how many there are -- but it is definitely in the thousands! They are only looking for very large quantity donations of buttons; if you can help, contact the  California Holocaust Education and Resource Center  on their page.  I know they'll be glad to hear from you! I'm excited to see how the buttons will eventually be used to create the memorial!