brilliant handmade buttons for button week!

there are some really gorgeous buttons out there in cyber space - here are some beauties i found on etsy

these are hand made ceramic buttons from Laura Walker - here is a link to her ETSY shop - and a link to her flickr account - i think you'll agree her buttons are beautiful.

i love this shop too - aimoobaroo - for fabric covered buttons and brads

and of course there is the lovely incywincy who has several shops selling fabric covered buttons like these {which are now MINE !!}

these are just gorgeous - wow - i think i NEED some! available here - @ swept from the sea

oh how i do love buttons and it is so nice too see that the art of button making is still very much in evidence out there in cyber space!

***hApPy BuTtOn WeEk fElLoW BuTtOn fLoOzIeS ***


Love the name of your blog. What a great find. Great buttons too!
misselaineous said…
Discovered your blog the name & all the neat buttons you photograph. never really considered myself to be a "button floozie" until i began to count the # of blue mason jars i have accumulated with buttons, buttons & more buttons! honor of the last day of button week, i am posting many pictures of my, no...collection of fabulous old buttons & a couple of small projects made using some of those buttons. check out the photos at my blog, Love2junk. Happy Sunday...*elaine*
misselaineous said…
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Becca said…
Just discovered your blog today. This is so timely. Yesterday I was cleaning out my mothers attic and found two jars of buttons that my gramma had stashed away. I can't wait to go through them.
Abbie said…
Oh, thank you for all the dee-lish links! Those ar fabulous buttons and handmade makes them even more so! Etsy rocks!
My!! They are all great but those measuring tape buttons are on my "gotta have" list! Thanks for sharing these wonderful links.