Two Sides to Every Button

Come visit and see both sides of the button.

xoxo ~Abbie


marmee said…
love this post. i love things with history. looking at things in a different way is what happens to me when i photograph that is why i love it so.
Anonymous said…
Hi Abbie..
I am CC of try as I might, I can't get the email message to work, so I will try here. I would love to be a Button Floozie..I love buttons so much..even to sorting them..I just love looking at them. I've looked at some of the lovely posts here, and this is a lot of talented ladies. I love crafting of all kinds and as I said..buttons.'
My email address is:
cat_white_cloud (at)yahoo (dot) com
I really hope I can join in the fun of your group..xx CC