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Just Buttons

I have been trying to get my studio organized so I wouldn't be embarrassed if someone wanted to take a peek at my play area. Seems I get distracted playing and organizing my buttons instead                                                            I probably shouldn't be embarrassed? should I we have all seen messes of good stuff in our lives of collecting and playing with vintage items Honestly I had some other pictures I wanted to show however I can't find the pictures because I downloaded them into Picsa  and really can't find them I don't like that program at all.  It's the only one my iphone will download to then the pictures disappear in my compute? maybe you can help give me an idea what i,m doing 

Special Bowl for my Buttons

I wanted to share an abalone  shell I decorated to hold some of my Mother Of Pearl buttons. I also love rhinestones and this worked out great for a fancy bowl to hold some buttons. I used E600 glue and an old rhinestone belt.                                                                       before I decorated her

Latest button gift

A friend of mine had a large amount of vintage  buttons given to her and after she picked out the ones she wanted she gave me these. I sorted them yesterday in the jars or assorted colors  I have in the studio. I mostly like the white and mother of pearl buttons                                                              These buttons are very light weight, not plastic, I don't know what they are?  It's the perfect day to play with buttons since it is cloudy and raining

Black Jet Buttons

I get to play for a while this morning in the studio and rearranging my lace in jars and just had to pour out some of my favorite buttons and touch them. I wanted to show them off                                                                        Mixed pile of beauties  I haven't found any beauties for some time now, hope to go to the Button Society here in Missouri