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Buttons-n-Dollars: Helping breast cancer patients

Hello, Button Floozies! If your boxes and jars are overflowing with button goodness, you can use them to help breast cancer patients. My good friend Hayley , breast cancer survivor extraordinaire, recently met a woman named Heidi Marble, an eight-year survivor of inflammatory breast cancer. Heidi has established a registered charity called Buttons-n-Dollars to raise money to help under- and uninsured breast cancer patients with their treatment. Using donated buttons and costume jewellery, she turns broken mannequins into works of art, which she then sells or leases. If you have costume jewellery or buttons to spare, please consider sending them to Heidi to help her continue her great work. Look at it this way: If you send some of your buttons to Heidi, you'll be making room in your stash for more! To learn more about Heidi, her book Waiting for Wings , and her art and to find out how you can help, visit her Undone website. Her shipping address is Heidi Marble Buttons-N-Dollars 2

Vintage in Monterey

I've been on vacation for the last few weeks (coast of California from San Diego to San Francisco) and while I was in Monterey there was a street fair. I discovered a tiny table of vintage and found myself a baggie of green buttons...hard to capture the true colour but there were some very plain ones and a few special ones. Can't wait to get back to creating and use some of these goodies! If you are in the Monterey area, the dealer is Olio Vintage Fun 213 Lighthouse Avenue 831 375-6546 Hours - Wednesday - Saturday 10:30 - 5:30

Hi Floozies!

Hi Fellow Floozies! :) I am just checking in.. things are lovely here in NH and I hope that everyone else is enjoying Spring as much as we are!! I would assume that things here at Button Floozies will slow down as vacations, ice teas, and sunshine get the way of our PC time. Enjoy your lovely blooms, sun and outdoor time! Play with your little ones! If you need a rainy day project to pass the time, pull out your button box and see where it takes you!