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Button collection at the thrift store!

These moments are rare for me, but yesterday when I was thrift shopping I noticed a carded button display in the glass cabinet at the thrift shop.  I really dislike having to ask them to open the cabinets as a rule, at thrift shops or anywhere else, but I was glad I did this time! Can you see where this cardboard is creased in the middle?  That's where it was folded and put into a plastic bag.  What I saw in the cabinet was actually only half of the button display, which I didn't find out until I purchased it for $3.79. What it lacks in beauty and presentation, I think, it makes up with charm!  I was initially attracted to it only for the shell buttons...  but when I got home I noticed the enameled ones, which made me very happy... as well as the additional quantity of pretty glass ones!  There are a lot of whistles (one holed buttons), too. The one int he middle with the two diamond shapes is my favorite, and I noticed there is also a smaller version of the exa

Button-themed Button!

I went to a local button club's sale event Saturday, and will be posting some of the fun and pretty buttons I got there.  Here's the first: A plastic button of a button card! How fun is that?