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Surprise Find

I am down stairs trying to get my studio back straighten up like it was before I tried to clean out unwanted items and ran across a glass candy jars of some of my wonderful old buttons on a card. It was such a sweet surprise                                                                                             I thought I had all my card buttons in another cabinet Oh well I love a surprise,finding buttons that is. I know they are just little pearl buttons but they make my heart go pitter patter                              

It's a Small Button World

My husband and I spent a week in Amsterdam earlier this month, and I spotted this while we were on a canal boat tour: And closer up: I'd heard of the Knopenwinkel --the Button Shop-- but wasn't able to squeeze in a visit, so seeing it from the canal was a nice surprise.  I know another Button Floozy wrote about the shop several years ago, but I'd like to assure everyone that it's still around and that it's in a lovely area of the city. I posted the picture on the Facebook page for my book, The Button Collector .  I was happily surprised when Suzanne Goldsmith , a fellow author, sent me this picture of a button necklace her husband bought her at the very same shop: Once again, I'm convinced that it's a small button world!  

The Button As A Last Touch

I just finished this mixed media painting this morning. As a finishing touch, I went to my BUTTON COLLECTION. After trying at least twelve different buttons....I settled on the amber clear acrylic button. Buttons and Art go together perfectly! "Reflection" by Artist and Button Collector,  Sue Marrazzo, ISAP, NCS