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National Button Week

It's that time again: National Button Week , the week set aside to celebrate buttons and collecting them! For me, every week is button week, because I love and enjoy all of my collection.   This is the latest "grab bag" of buttons I bought at the thrift store...   and here were my favorite picks for crafting and gifting from that lot:  These were my favorite cards... and these were my favorite novelties -- how sweet are those little pink dogs and green ducks? This is my favorite creation I've made using buttons lately.  I created 10 of these hearts, 8 of which were for a swap.  Everything except the center heart fabric is vintage!  The center heart fabric is part of Andover's  Downton Abbey line, and was the inspiration for the whole thing! The little button bouquet below was a heartfelt gift from a new friend I met through our mutual love of crafting with vintage!  The buttons on the cards are actually fabric-covered snaps -- aren&