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Surprise find!

Progress moving along on my spider bag but the initial roses   were too "pinky pink" so I redid them all in a more antique rose and added them..  It all looks rather disjointed now but the next step are lots of blues and purples which will bring it all together.  At the end will be some white sprays of flowers as accents. The very last step is the spiders... I started going through my old metal buttons looking for some that had floral images that I could put on the bag. I found this one about the size of a quarter.  When I was polishing it I noticed an engraving on the back.... extra superfine Scovills.  So I looked on Google and found that if it says Scovills/ extra superfine it would date it around 1827-1840 and it was probably a ladies coat button.  It is a two part button with a heavy shank.. It will definitely find a place on the bag.