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From Michigan

Look what I got in the mail today from a gal who I met once in the 1970's however I knew her Aunt and cousins also from back in the 1970's. I seen her on facebook a couple years ago and we talk She knew I like Buttons and sent me a box of old buttons her mother had and now she sent me a box of vintage buttons from an Aunt of hers where she is cleaning out the Aunt's house. So glad  she thought of me and gave me something to play with today. Love them                                                            

Looking in Button Drawers

As I looking in some of my buttons drawers  I noticed I had these heavy metal and  turquoise chip, meaning heavy not like a light weight bakelite button. I'm sure they were made in a special way I also didn't realize I had these pretty little buttons                                                                          I had these larger starburst for lack of correct name for these metal buttons. It still makes me happy to play in my button drawers , what about you?