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Those button grab bags at thrift shops

At thrift shops near me, those button grab bags have become very expensive!  (Don't even get me started on the prices for a variety of really common buttons at an antique store sometimes...) But if they're cheap I grab them up for the thrill of the hunt.  This time, I lucked out when I found all these pretty glass buttons amongst the extra button envelopes in one of the bags.  Especially those little deer!

Creative Button Storage

I found these deep, divided drawers at the Habitat for Humanity thrift shop.  They were used to store contact lenses originally.  I think they will make great button storage! My adult son was with me when I bought them.  He said, what are you going to do with those?  I looked at him and said, well, can you think of anything small and round like a contact lens that I have a lot of?  And he just got a knowing look on his face.  He LOVES  to tease me about my button collecting! If you know me well enough, you know I can't leave them as is, though.  I think I'll decoupage pretty paper on the outsides... and then spray paint the insides of the drawers.  I think that especially larger buttons will store nicely in here. Because I needed another project! (Not.)