New Button Lampshade

How neat is this lampshade? I bought it then found the lamp to go with it! But the really cool thing is ....this button.

Can you see that the black button says "Jenny"?? Woo Hoo!!


Autumn said…
Very cool! Especially with your name on it!!
I once found a crazy quilt with my initials on it and dated 1898- of course I bought it!!!!
Nola said…
Your name on the button ~ a sure sign it was meant for you!
Leaon Mary said…
That was just MEANT TO BE wasn't it?
The buttons on the lampshade just makes it look HAPPY!
tam said…
Jenny what a cute creative idea! Thanks for sharing!
Mrs Pretzel said…
It's too cute!! I love it!
Cheryl said…
Super cute idea! What did they charge you for this?
Great idea for a sewing room - and it's got your name on it!
Unknown said…
You hit the jackpot gal. Going right now a start one for my studio.