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Scooping buttons

Twice this summer I've helped friends out at their garage sales and brought along my button tub, offering folks the chance to play in the buttons and fill a bag for $1.  At each sale, I sold just a few, but it was totally worthwhile to bring the tub along for that one or two women who were completely delighted by it.  Last time, a preschool teacher filled a bag of the largest ones to use in crafting with her kids.  Yesterday, two teen aged girls spent about 20 minutes hand picking each button to fill their bag.  They would show each other their finds and "ooh" and "ahh" over each one.  Button Floozies in the making!

peppermint cream buttons

i recently took part in the crafter...oo forum's button swap for the edible treat i sent these home-made sweets peppermint cream buttons amazingly simple to make - yet very yummy! see the rest of what i sent and received on my blog

Quiltie Blogoversary Giveaway

I am having a little giveaway on my blog to celebrate my blogoversary.  Take a look at the posting on my blog Threads in Time by Pallas Blogoversary Giveaway  to get the details on how to enter. 

Vintage, White Buttons

I love to include buttons when I swap artsy packages with other crafters. Because they are so versatile, they adapt to any package I'm putting together. The recipient of this package liked vintage and neutral colors (like shades of white and cream), so I included just that with plenty of white, vintage buttons. If you would like to read more about this swap, click here to be directed to the original post about this swap. Thank you for visiting! :)


We just had to share this fabulous folk art flag quilt pattern from the ultra-talented Jo James! What a great way to display your favorite red, white and blue buttons and reduce (slightly) your button stash!

Updated- 700 Blog Post giveaway.

Up-date: Many thanks for your lovely comments. Do any of you want to enter? You just need to click on the link I have added and leave a comment. Only two habe signed up so far on my blog, so yo have a preety good chance of winning! Indigo Blue Designs Giveaway click here. I have managed to ramble my way through 700 posts in just under four years so I am having a giveaway. I thought that the Button Floozies might like to join in, there are buttons involved. Best wishes to everyone. xx