Buttons in Everyday Life

Hello my fellow Button Floozies!!! I was at a friend's house for dinner recently and I flipped out over her daughter's little jeans! I took some pics for the express purpose of sharing them with you because they are so fun and SO SIMPLE! Check out the cuffs. (Her daughter is pretty darn cute, too!!)

Here's a closeup. You could even use buttons in the same fun way on adult jeans with some
rhinestone and black vintage sparklies, don't you think? And they would be really great on capri pants, too!

My name is Kelly Aaron and I'm a mosaic artist in Kansas City and I use buttons in my work all of the time. This box features a plastic button that appears to have glitter locked inside on the bottom left corner. The gold ball on on the far middle right is also a button!

There are all sorts of pink and black buttons sprinkled throughout this cork board. They add just the right accent!

I stuck some green buttons in this round box, including the one with the large holes in the top. I love the vintage and playful look of a button with oversized holes.

I managed to cram a couple of buttons into this magnet. The red flower is actually a button. I got them at a flea market and only have a couple left! So sad!

And that's a big, brown button in the top left hand corner of this cork board. You can't have too many buttons in a mosaic! Please check out my blog at kellyaaronmosaics.blogspot.com and my Etsy shop at http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5293642. If you're local to Kansas City, or visiting the area, you can check out my work at Stuff on 63rd and Brookside Boulevard (pursuegoodstuff.com). Thanks for checking out my post and happy button hunting!!!


Beth Leintz said…
Love the button cuff and your work is pretty amazing, too!
Melanie said…
buttons on cuff? why oh why didnt i think of that before my daughter got so big
Abbie said…
Hi Kelly!
Thank you for sharing these with us! Your work is just fantastic!
Maisy said…
You are creative!!!
Autumn said…
Your stuff is fantastic!!!
I visited your blog and love it!
Nice to meet ya!!
ShabbyInTheCity said…
I would SO wear those jeans!
marmee said…
love it all so imaginative and wonderful. i have always wanted to mosaic but seeing your stuff makes me want to do it more.