Sorting Whites

Hello, everyone. I've been collecting buttons for a long time and the large tin I've been putting my whites was filled to the brim. I've been sorting them the last two nights while watching tv with my husband and I'm not done yet. I use a lot of buttons in my art works and I'll post some soon. I'm gonna love this site! I have a few Christmas buttons on my etsy site, if you wish to have a look.


Nola said…
Hi and welcome to Button Floozies. That's the biggest "white" collection I've seen. I think sorting through it would leave me cross-eyed! I'll pop over and take a peek at your etsy site!
Abbie said…
wow.. drooling.. drooling.. LOVE all the whites!! Oh, the button icicles I could make with those..

Jessica Rodarte said…
I'm curious to see how you sort them... I've wanted to sort my white button collection, too, but when I would start, I couldn't really find a rhyme or reason... I'll have to keep checking up on you, so I can copy! ;)