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Button-ing at the Worldwide Antique Show

Yesterday I had a chance to attend the Worldwide Antique & Vintage Show , which takes place in Denver 3 times each year. It's a big antique show held in an expo center -- full of friendly vendors and TONS of beautiful things... like this "poke bowl" full of buttons!  Did you see the charm string sitting just to the left of it?  I HAD to take it home with me! Someone who loved her buttons put it together... and added some other little trinkets, too. The buttons are not particularly valuable but I thought it was so charming that, for $10, it was irresistible. I also grabbed these little "gems" from the poke bowl: a large rhinestone-metal button, missing a few stones but I love it anyway, a pink plastic flower with a sparkly paste center, a two-toned yellow plastic, diamond-shaped one, a velvet fabric button, and a "tight-top." Here's what they look like on the reverse. Buttons just make me happy!

Lots of fun buttons over on the Tag Tuesday blog!

Do you visit the Tag Tuesday blog ?  Every week we work on a hand made tag based on the same theme. This past week's theme was "Beads, Buttons and Bows" -- so you have to go see some of the great button-y tags!  (Scroll down for the ones titled, "Beads, Buttons and Bows".) Maggie's was my favorite this time, so far!   I'm still working (against the clock!) on mine!


It's funny how one thing can lead to another, isn't it? It happens a lot while perusing the Internet. I was roaming around, trying to find a button-worthy topic to write about here and was lead to a blog post about a (button) artist by the name of Augusto Esquivel.  I followed the link and was lead to his  website where his amazing installations/sculptures are shown.  Candy store Coke machine  Piano Fountain My favorite! Noticing the word "Koumpounophobia" under his name and wondering what it meant, I looked it up online and found that it means a fear of buttons . It may be a textural phobia (plastic buttons), fear of accidentally swallowing or inhaling small buttons, or a phobia of old buttons, as they may harbor germs. So, as one thing lead to another, a few things were learned today.