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Another beautiful button craft

Here's a button craft I bought at a craft fair a couple of weeks ago: So simple and sweet! It was made by Simply Stated Crafts; you can find them on Facebook here .

Don't Do This With Your Buttons

  reposted from An antique dealer once told me that since most dealers don't go to school to learn the "trade", we get our education from our mistakes.  Usually those are mistakes in what we buy.  Even though I've been doing this for 15 years, I still make mistakes.  I guess that means I'm still learning. At an estate sale last weekend, I saw buttons, lots of buttons, buttons on cards.  Buttons in a bag or a jar will make my heart beat a little faster.  Buttons that have been put on cards by other collectors make my heart skip a beat. They're special, because someone went to the trouble to collect them, lay them out, attach them to cards. When I saw this button card at an estate sale, I was overcome with button lust and I bought the card without really considering my purchase. My first mistake was assuming these were glass buttons.  They LOOK like glass, but I think they're all plastic.  Worse than