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A One-of-a Kind Button

I really had to share this one  with all you BUTTON FLOOZIES! It is metal and clear lucite. In the photo it looks pearly, but it is actually clear.  The face in the middle is very detailed. I don't have any information on this unique button.  DO YOU?

Some Favorites

I have lots favorite buttons however my rhinestone vintage buttons always win top show at my house. I am trying to select some buttons to pass on to others through my etsy shop and can't seem to get them together. I'm overwhelmed because I have so many I think is reason . I always enjoy finding these buttons. I refused to go to the last Button show because I knew I would get carried away .

Four From The Button Tin

Here are four vintage buttons from my button collection. These were in with 100's of other buttons, in a large button tin. Check them out....   A fabric covered button with a printed giraffe   1 molded plastic red button,  1 fabric covered red giraffe button,  1 metal sculpted button, 1 glass etched floral button A metal sculpted button

Little bag of buttons

I had to rescue this little bag of buttons from the thrift store; I could kind of see there was nothing really special in it...  but I still couldn't resist! I'm glad I did; the black and white one on the upper right looks like a buffed celluloid -- but it's just plastic.  Still pretty though!  Let's see your rescues!


I found these 2 buttons in a large jar of mixed vintage buttons. I found the jar in a thrift store. These buttons are made of a brown/black molded plastic. They are to look like wood.They are approximately 1.5 inches round. They look like they belong on a vintage jacket or coat. 

Roosters everwhere!!

I uploaded these pics a while ago and never did the post.  Found these buttons at an antique show New Years day in Glastonbury CT.   I am making a quilt using a damaged quilt top that I am recycling and was looking for buttons for it and found these. I Love the blue baby face button, right above it the tennis player button, and the Victorian pressed glass buttons.  Another dealer had a small box of rooster buttons in a variety of colors and sizes.  He wanted $25 for the lot.  I just wanted a couple and he said I could take a "couple for free"!  I had a real hard time deciding and finally said would you take $20 for the box ... he said yes!   Can't imagine where these buttons came from.  Some kind of a promotion maybe? For some reason they tickled my fancy!  Had to have them.  They are being incorporated into my quilt which I have named aptly "Cock-a-doodle-doo". Check out my blog NeedleandHook at