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National Button Society 2014 Annual Convention, August 11-16, 2014

The National Button Society 2014 Annual Convention is just 11 days from today! For more information visit Will I see you there?  

Buttons On Note Cards

I have been creating collage and mixed media cards for sale in a few art venues. They have been well received.  I enjoy making these small works of art.  This is one that I sold recently.  It is created with acrylic paint, collage papers, hand-painted papers,  and my beloved... BUTTONS! Title: Vision and Dreams SOLD Artist: Sue Marrazzo, ISAP, NCS www.suemarrazzo.blogspot

A Colorful Button Flash!!

Not too long ago, I popped on Button Floozies to write about  Flash Fiction, Button Style .  This is an interactive feature on my website where readers email me a picture of a button and I write that button's story. In keeping with the Flash Fiction genre, I limit the story to 250 words.  To prevent me from spending way too much time on it, I also limit myself to one hour. It's fun to see what emerges from these limitations. Today I'm excited to share my latest Button Flash.  It features a determinedly colorful button set in an even more colorful background.  This picture immediately reminded me of a carnival and I decided the button belonged to a seamstress for a troupe of aerialists. Here's a picture of the button, which was sent in by Buttons By McAnaraks.  If you'd like to read the story please click here !

Button detail on a vintage outfit

 I snapped photos of this wonderful vintage costume at a friend's sale last month. (It is covered in plastic because it was sprinkling that day!)   Kathy  always finds the best stuff.  This costume is, she thought, was used by a Masonic group and was a reproduction of a colonial era man's suit... complete with hat -- and powdered wig! I wanted to show you the detail, with lace, gimp and buttons! Fancy pants !

French boutons

Look at the buttons I bought in Kansas last month. This time, it was the box -- not the buttons themselves -- that made my heart go pitter-patter!