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Inherited Buttons

My sister gave me all her old buttons she had picked up different places, lucky for me she was cleaning out closets. She thought I could sell them in my yard sales? NO WAY they are mine LOL Here are some of my favorite of the box full she gave me                                                                                                                                                              LOve the mother of pearl shell buttons  she had a lot of interesting metal buttons  I really would like to stay home and play with them this morning but need to get to a grandsons basketball game Thanks for looking at my newest old buttons                                            

Penny's Button Posy

It's a lot of fun to meet creative people from all over the world who share a love of the humble button. Penny is a fellow Floozie I "met" through one of our swaps a couple of years ago.  She just sent me this surprise in the mail: Knowing my love of vintage, and buttons -- and vintage buttons! -- she created a button posy.  It came with a cute card, and letter, and it was mounted on another sweet vintage card! At the center of the button creation is an antique glass charm string button.  I love it! Penny also let me know she is doing a feature every week on Instagram that I know you will all want to know about: Button Tin Tuesday!  You can follow her there: chickensweaterknitter and see what fabulous button gems she posts -- I have, and I will look forward to it!   Above, last Tuesday's beautiful button Penny posted!

Fancier Buttons

I got a candy jar full of some of my fancier buttons out to show a friend of what kind of buttons I am always on the hunt for.I love my mother of pearl buttons and the old colored buttons from the era of 1920's -40's which I have a huge jar full but these are my Donwton Abby buttons LOL Oh I have seen the last episodes of Downton Abby and it hasn't ruined me watching every week. I sure hate to see this wonderful show end. Don't these first buttons look like off a Downton Abby dress of MaMaw's                                                                      A mix of delicious buttons  love black jet glass buttons  My old favorites heavy metal rhinestone buttons Thanks for looking I do enjoy this blog about buttons which we have Laurie to thank Janice 

LOVE and Buttons

This is a small collage heart that was created with found papers, notions and BUTTONS! "LOVE" by Sue Marrazzo, ISAP, NCS Happy Valentine's Day BUTTON FLOOZIES!

Valentine Buttons

Today I put up a few of the sweet button Valentine crafts I've been seeing around the internet.   This is probably my favorite:  It was on   I especially like the swirls and the ballerina detail.  My dancing daughter would love it!! You can see more on my  blog .  

Still Playing with Buttons

I found a button I had purchased from a vender at a quilt convention once when I use to go to the quilts shows,before I realized i'm not a quilter just takes entirely to long for me I like instant gratification on projects. I love to embellish material .My favorite color is blue so this button stole my heart                                                                        I made an altered art necklace and have the button attached to the chain  however easy removed and the button not damaged in any way Are you playing with your button stash any ?  please show them