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Want to Win This?? A Celebration Giveaway from

To celebrate the launch of my new  shop , I thought it would be nice to have a giveaway . This is an opportunity to win one of my project packs - you could win all the items shown in the photograph:- a vintage postcard; a vintage cuff with lace and ribbon from a very small garment; a length of French edging trim with little boys and girls on it; 2 types of quality ribbon from VV Rouleaux; various other lace bits, a yo-yo with pink bow and 6 vintage buttons. Here's how you can win! For 1 chance of winning, leave a comment on my blog , then post about my shop,  BuntyBarmcake  (not my blog) on your blog / website and link back to me. For 2 chances of winning, leave a comment on my blog , then post about my shop    BuntyBarmcake     (not my blog)   on your blog /  website, link back to me and become a Follower (on my blog).  {If you are already a follower of my blog ( Vintage Bunty ), mention it in the post and you will automatically receive a second chance of winning.} I will dr

Buttons from Amsterdam

Yesterday was a nice autumn day and I went to Amsterdam just to stroll around. I think Amsterdam is one of the best shopping centers of the world, with all those funny little boutiques. You should go and see for yourself one day. When I was walking down one of the canals, suddenly my eye caught... Look at that brown dot at 9 o'clock! Zoom in: Ah...exciting.... Let's take a closer look! That button must be the largest I have ever seen! Of course! We are at the 'knopenwinkel'! Knoop=button and knopen=button and winkel means shop.   Everything sings button over here; the doorknobs and even that nice little sign 'open' is made out of buttons! Even the windows have been buttonized! (Did I just invent a new word?) But of course we have come to see this^ And this^ These button canvasses behind the counter are a great way of displaying buttons.  On the counters a trompe l'oeuil and some real buttons are making a fool of your eyes.  (just click on the photo to have

Recent Button Finds

I scored two bag lots of buttons last week at a local Antique Sale.  I could see that the bags contained a lot of junk and rust and yet peeking through were some black glass, pearls, white glass and Victorian metals, so I decided to take a chance and buy them. After sorting through the bags and discarding the rusted and broken bits, I ended up with some pretty ones as shown.  The extra work of cleaning and sorting was so worth it.   I hope you agree!

My newest loves!

I'm just back from a Button Workshop and Sale, and wanted to show you my  newest loves:    'Come visit my blog today for descriptions and more photos!