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Button Christmas Cards

While enjoying some inspiration on Pinterest the other day, I found so many handmade Christmas cards using buttons that I had to make a board for them:   Button Christmas Cards ! Go see, and be inspired!  I also have a "regular" board for buttons I love called, not suprisingly, Button Love .  Do you save buttons on Pinterest ?  Do tell!

Antique button card

This is a salesman sample button card I found yesterday at a vintage market.  I think the gal at the cash register thought I was a little nuts.  And, maybe I am. The full card showing all sizes, with its worn, tattered edges makes me swoon. How much would you love to own the whole display? Happy Sunday, Floozies!

London and buttons

I'm off to London on Thursday... DH has his list of sites which includes lots of museums, galleries and churches.  My list includes many antique shops, markets, Victoria and Albert Museum, and looking for buttons as well.  Found two shops on the internet... The Button Lady in Hampstead and the Button Queen on Portabello Rd.  Any others? DH and I will meet up in the afternoon for a meal at one of the old pubs on our list...


Does it ever seem as if you find buttons in the most unlikely of places? And when you're not looking for them at all? While planning for a Christmas party, I was looking for disposable paper coasters. See what I found on Partycity dot com: