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my new ETSY shop !

i just opened a shop on ETSY and already had two sales - i'm so pleased! The following sets are still for sale. patriotic buttons! yummy green buttons on their original card now i just need to crack on and card up the rest of the button mountain!! my new shop :0)


fellow button floozies :-) I have been wanting to join this blog for sometime now but until recently felt I didn't have "enough" buttons to be worthy. (ok, just trying to justify getting more lol) Here is a slideshow of some of my buttons... the same slideshow is on my blog at:

The Floozies First Giveaway!!

UPDATE: PLEASE GRAB THIS BUTTON AND POST IT TO YOUR BLOG IF YOU WOULD LIKE! Please link back to this post about the giveaway! If you need help just ask me! Yahoo!! We have hit 40+ members and I am so excited! Whoever thought that an offhanded comment made months ago about me being a 'button floozy' would have led to this? Anyway, I thought it was time for a GIVEAWAY! A super thank you to everyone who has joined, and to all of those who come and read. OK, on to the giveaway! I have three gifts to pass along to lucky readers. A ghoolish antique glass bottle filled with white buttons and stopped with an antique sheet music stopper. The Sept/Oct 2006 issue of Somerset Studio featuring an article by Lynn Perella about button collecting. Also it has some great Halloween mixed media art pieces most of which incorporate buttons! Lastly, I made a pretty pin cushion, as most button floozies do sew them on things occasionally. ;) Each gift will also include a bundle of buttons. The rules

It's Time for a GIVEAWAY!!

Ha! This is just a teaser post.. :) But it is getting VERY ClOSE!! I am in the process of putting together some giveaway bundles, 'Button Floozy' style. The Floozies now have over 40 members and I thought it was time to celebrate! The image above is a hint... Check back in a few days to see all the pics and enter to win! xoxo~ Abbie

freshly carded buttons

my buttons are now available from this is an English site as i am English!! glass button mushrooms! green glass floral hearts pink & white glass "pearly queen" dress buckles i've just put a few sets up for starters - just to test the waters so to speak :0)


Like buttons, today, I am sorting and counting my blessings. Organizing them, memorizing them. Coveting each and every one of them. For I have many blessings. Thousands. Even more. We all do. If you are not sure of your blessings, visit here . Start at the beginning and read every post. I did. It was worth every tear.

Button-related posts at iHanna

I haven't had much time for creating or blogging myself lately, but one of my favourite bloggers, Hanna of iHanna, has had two button-themed posts lately, one about her mother's button collection and one about things she's made with buttons . Check them out!

Blog Candy!

Hi Ladies! Just thought I'd let you know to stop on over to my blog for some CANDY!! You know I will definitely throw in some buttons in that goodie bag too!!LOL!! Thanks for stopping by and pass it on!! Huggs, Bev P.S. I've posted some pics of the button cards I have on the Flickr site. Enjoy!!

gratuitous button glamour shots

well take a look at this pretty box, what ever could be inside? Take a trip over to my blog to look at the beauty within !! what you can't wait! ok here's a teaser . . . there's also some more gorgeous reverse carved lucite buttons in the previous post - double whammy !!!! happy button gathering - happy sigh.

Fall and new beginings

I feel like today is a new beginning. I made some decisions, while on vacation, that I feel good about. Fall is in the air this morning...I love fall, cool mornings, sunny days...aaaah. The biggest decision I made was to not teach painting classes any more. My heart isn't "in" it any more. You my blogging friends are such a huge part of my life now. I want to move on, move forward, do what I love doing. I have bottles that I'm still working on which I cant wait to share. I have cups, spoons, silver and glass that are waiting for birds. I see all the pictures of "creative spaces" I want to get in my craft room, organize it into "stations" so I can be more creative... This morning I feel energized and ready to get started. I finished this gal last night. Hope you like her. I also was accepted into the Lollishop group...yeh!

Wearable Button Art

Hello fellow Button Floozies and everyone else. This is my first post on the site, but I’ve been a reader for a long time. I’m Nola, from Alamo North , and I love buttons! When I read this blog for the first time, I KNEW what I’d post if I ever got the chance. Here’s my chance... Here is the denim jacket that my dear cousin Paula turned into a wearable piece of art: I say wearable, but it is so heavy, I’m not sure it would actually be comfortable to wear. Paula has it displayed under glass, permanently framed. I’m not sure she ever actually even wore it. Paula’s mom, my Aunt Rosie had quite a button collection (among other things), and after she passed away, Paula inherited the huge collection. It’s easy enough to display buttons in a jar, or in a frame, but Paula kicked it up a notch. She found an inexpensive denim jacket at a local thrift store. Armed with buttons and a glue gun, she started creating! One by one, she applied each button. Hour by hour, the jacket transforme

more lovely buttons!!!

. . . . . . some more lovely buttons to show off!!! here are some lovely tiny carved mother of pearl buttons that i carded and sold recently, thankfully i have more to look at. i love these vintage ladybird buttons - i made this little envelope for them to travel to their new home in! i really liked these deco glass buttons too!! and here are some tags i was commissioned to make featuring buttons! tiny tiny red heart buttons - so sweet - i wish i'd bought more when i saw them - isn't that always the way!!!