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Everything's Coming Up Buttons!

I attended my Colorado State Button Society's Entering and Judging Workshop Saturday, and as a reward for studying button classifications all morning, members had a button sale in the afternoon! Some of my goodies are posted on my blog this morning -- come and see !  And, while you're there, please peek at the pretty buttons on the flyer I did as Publicity Chair of the CSBS, too in the post just before it, also here .


I bought 2 jars of buttons at a thrift shop and found these pretty pink ones.

Button Beauty and Artistry

Make sure you're sitting down before you click over to this gorgeous piece of button decor by Connie at She Dreams Big .  I'm linking with permission, and here's a sneak peek: Gorgeous.  Absolutely button-licious.  What have you been creating with buttons lately?

Buttons in Modern Spaces

Buttons aren't just for traditional froo froo, they are playing a key role in modern furniture  design and decor. Take for example these gorgeous pillows I found at . I love the fresh new take on such an ancient tool. Do you use buttons in a new fresh way? I'd love to see!