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A Different Type of Button

I think these qualify for a post here, even though they are not technically buttons. At least not the kind you can pick up and turn over. But they were indeed buttons at one time, so they should be okay here. These are pictures of buttons from a magazine of the past. I do not know which one. I started to dabble in decoupage and these were donated to me by my mother, a paper artist of some renown. She was so excited that I was attempting decoupage, and knowing I like buttons, she found these in one of her millions of files and handed them over. I really wish I knew more about them and I surely wish I could see them in person. Enlarged all of these, as the print is hard to read. I saved my favorites for last.   Don't you just love that...Smuggler's Button?! And wouldn't you love to own one? Here is a link to a real one: Smuggler's Button


Since this is the Memorial Day weekend, I thought I'd see if I could find some  interesting buttons that would tie into the meaning of this important holiday. Here is some of what I found on Etsy. 1940s Domed Airplane Buttons From NeedleArtSupplies Button Chain Belt, with (possibly) Civil War Era Buttons From  HeritageTrails WW II Uniform Button (possibly, but it is so nice, I wanted to include it) From BonneyHillShop WW II Air Raid Precautions Buttons (England) From TheWatchKey World War US Army Collar Button From QuestaTierraVintage  Russian Army Button, Found on an Archeological Dig From AlchemyShop Army Uniform Mending Kit From hiphuggie

Blingy buttons

Some bling-y, vintage buttons sewn on brighten your day!

A glass elephant and some blue ducks

I found some fun "realistic" buttons in a poke (grab) bag at the thrift store the other day, including a glass elephant and some blue ducks! You are invited to hop over to my own blog, Indulge Your Shelf , to see more photos!

Exciting button event in UK !

Handmade resin button by Buttons by McAnaraks This is my entry for The Button Project, I'm very pleased with how it turned out. You can see more of the entries here on a slide show Join me on Facebook The Button Project - a stunning exhibition of over 300 contemporary handmade buttons - is taking shape, as buttons start to arrive from all over the world. From Australia to Norway, and all over the UK, artists and makers are translating their work into buttons for this exciting new event. Artists were asked to work within the constraints of traditional button sizes and fixing methods, but from there, their imagination was free to roam. Each button is a miniature work of art in its own right and highly collectible. The Button Project is intended to serve as a celebration of the heritage of the area, which began with the silk button. The dynamic buttons come from craft practitioners and artists at the top o

Grannie's buttons

I was going through a jar of my Grandmother's buttons I got out of her sewing basket; I had already put them in a large glass jar and was just reminiscing.  Some of the cards says 10 cents and some 29 cents. She had several cards of large buttons, she was always sewing . She was born 1907 and lived until 1996. I sure miss her company.  She taught me to put zippers in when I was about 8 years old, also sleeves; never had any problems doing either.                                                                                                                                                                                             I love these black glass buttons, not a very good picture but you know what I'm talking about?                     I sure wish I had known about the Missouri Button Show.  I am going to look around and get on the mailing list of shows here in Missouri or Kansas.