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Fun at Glitterfest!

A couple of weekends ago, my friend Robin and I did an event called Glitterfest here in Southern Calif. (Santa Ana) It was wonderful! There were many well known artists vending and shopping and everyone had a great time.... I had several different items to sell but wanted to show you a couple that included buttons. My biggest seller were my banners...these are collaged with lots of fun goodies...buttons included! I accidentally posted my pics out of order and for some reason blogger wont let me fix it tonite you will see a close up of one of the buttoned penants soon! Here is my banner display: And on the tiered plate display I made lavender sachets that were made with squares cut from sweaters and a button in the middle! Here is one of the penants with a button...... Then of course I had to stop this shopper and get a picture of her button bracelet.just for you!..she makes them with buttons and safety pins: All in all, it was a really fun event, lots of inspiration and I just wanted t

Simple Button Bracelet Tutorial

I have just put up a tutorial to make these here . Suitable for kids to make too. Would make good fun stocking fillers for teenagers. These went down really weel with my Year 10 as part of a recycling project. Give it a try. x

Button Brooches

I just wanted to share this post someone shared with me for making really cute brooches with buttons and wire. I had never seen any like them.

Vintage Buttons

Recently I have been playing with my buttons. I made some more button bracelets. An ivory-colored one: A blue one: Then I took some pictures of my metal buttons. These are in one big plastic divided box: There are some rhinestone ones: Silver colored ones: All mixed together: These usually live in a big glass jar but they came out for a while to play: Such a wonderful assortment. These are some red enamel ones. I don't remember where I got those. Probably in one button tin or the other. Cute little bear ones: These came in another button tin I bought a few months ago. They are twinkle backs. I found out what they are called from a little book I bought recently. I know no more about them and don't really care. I just think they are sweet and I love to play with all buttons. Come visit me here at Vintage Soul if you like buttons and like making things with them. I am always up to something.

Buttons...You Floozies HAVE to see this!!

My friend Jeanne, from Backyard Neighbor blog has a post up about vintage folks, for me to link this in for all the Floozies to have to know it is something beyond belief ....the way the buttons are displayed, have been collected...sold.... monies used to buy a car is a sight to see.... So HERE and take a won't want to miss it....Hope you enjoy this as much as I did....and if you want to let Jeanne know you stopped by...tell her Coloradolady sent you!!