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Buttons in Art: Nick Cave at the Denver Art Museum

Wait until you see what artist Nick Cave has done with buttons in his exhibition at The Denver Art Museum!

A "Lucky Day" for Buttons

  About a week ago, I was in a thrift shop that opened in my area.  I caught a glimpse of a worn plastic bag filled with buttons at the back of a shelf. I tried to ignore it since my button collecting has gotten out of hand.  Needless to say, it didn't work.  I picked up the bag and it was only $2.50.  I could see that most of the buttons were still on the cards but couldn't tell much about them because it was tightly taped shut.  I made my purchase and when I opened the bag, I was  surprised!  Here are some of my finds: It's been a long time since I've seen Roebuck and Co. attached to the Sears name. These are my favorite!  They were made in Western Germany and cost 25 cents.  The color is watermelon pink with a tiny bit of gold trim.  Mother of Pearl buttons  There was several loose Mother of Pearl buttons.  I wanted you to see the backs of them as well as the front.  Each back is a different color since they are made fro

Japanese Flower

Look at this exquisite button!   It is a Japanese enamel button and costs a pretty penny. You may find it here: ColletteCollette