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New Cache

There are few little beauties here : Upper right-celluloid (don't use a scrub brush to clean your buttons-I removed some of the pearl paint), left-two big red-I think have celluloid centers, bottom left dark red bakelite, bottom left red flower (don't you love it when they have thread attached?), an interesting metal centered one-bottom middle, some carved shell pieces-the bars on the right-one for sure is a button, and some other carved shell buttons-right, a couple of shell one-and two-holed ones and some "ghosts" (as one Floozie has stated before.) I love the clear blue one at the top and the beautiful white flower on the right. What fun! My husband just laughs at me and I laugh back--with joy!

Destashing the Mother Load

I sorted. I cleaned. I arranged. I photographed. I listed...on Etsy. I am "destashing" the mother load of vintage buttons that I have been collecting. No worries, I still intend to search and purchase more. They seem to be everywhere in my Missouri town. If you would like to view them simply click here .

Using old buttons!

I just love using old buttons in my work! It makes each piece totally unique, with character and texture. Finding the perfect color and size to use on my ACEO/ATC cards and Valentines is always a fun "hunt". I have several of these on Ebay this week. Nancy Malay


  I have been looking through my button collection for some crafting inspiration, very relaxing, I love these green ones, enjoy! Leah

Hello from Cornwall, UK

Hi, Just a quick post to say that I have joined up. My name is Andrea and you can find out more about me here . I love buttons and I am constantly trying to tell my students that here are many uses for them. I have some items to post about in the near future but for now I will say bye. XX

Tiny White Buttons

Is it just me, or do those tiny white buttons just multiply like crazy in your collections, too? I really do like them, but they always outnumber the larger, more unusual buttons in any bags or jars I buy. That's why I was excited about putting a good number of them to use in this mosaic birdhouse. It was gratifying! It feels very wrong to throw a button out, even a tiny white one. Any other ideas on how to use these little puppies up before they take over completely?!

After Christmas Sale

You all probably know about these little wreaths but I ran into three of them in an after-Christmas sale at an antique store. The best thing was that they were all made of very small, tiny buttons--rare to find and which I use often in my art. I had already put away the buttons from an all-red wreath and taken apart the multi-colored one before I realized I needed to take a picture of them for this blog. They were strung on floral wire twisted to hold them together in a wreath shape and then tied with a fabric strip hanger--very simple and cute. I'll make some next year only I won't sacrifice my smallest buttons to do so. I paid $2.00 a wreath.

Hello from Australia

Hello, my name is Leah from Australia, I will keep my post short and sweet, you can find out all about me here! I just love buttons, especially vintage ones and I'm very excited to be a part of this lovely group! These are some buttons I created myself, I LOVE covered buttons too! Leah

A new Floozy from Spain!

Hello all! My name is Camino and I’m new here, I come from Spain, so first of all I want to apologize for my rusty english, I’ll try to do my best! You are welcome to correct all my grammar and spelling mistakes, there will be lots of them, I’m sure!! I am so excited to be a Button Floozie myself!! I have an insane amount of buttons, and I’m really pleased to be here with so many people that completely understand my obsession… My family and friends think that I’ve gone crazy! As an excuse for keeping on buying buttons I make crafts with them, as an example, this button necklace which I’m in love with. See you around here, I will be green with envy with your button collections and creations, they are soooooooooo cool!! If you want to have a look at my blog, go here , I try to keep it bilingual -Spanish-English- so don't be scared!

My button tree

I know that it is already after Christmas, but I did not have a quiet moment to show you my button tree. So here it is: All the best for all of you for the 2009! Be happy, be creative, love and be loved! xoxo, Joanna (Cwasia)

Happy New Year!!

We have well over 60 floozies, the images, tutorials and sharing is just fabulous. You guys ROCK! I am hoping to put together another giveaway as soon as life calms a bit from the holidays. xoxo ~ Abbie