What a find... or two!

Hello, just to introduce myself on here, I'm Tina of Mollimoo ( http://mollimoo.blogspot.com/) and I am a very happy button addict! I may even go so far as to say I'm in button heaven and all of my button Birthdays have come at once!! I visited some charity shops today and I bought some buttons. Some lovely old buttons. They are most definately vintage, still on the original cards they were kept on when they were used or sold in a Milliner's shop. Some of them are on the original cards, others are on the shops own business cards. One has printed on the back 'Easter 1940' and a name of a hotel in Bournemouth,Dorset, England. They were in a charity shop in Poole, Dorset.
Here they are.

I didn't think my day could get any better but then I went into another charity shop and found 3 bags of buttons. I couldn't resist them. Here are some of the prettiest out of those bags....

The red ones appear to be art deco, I think?! So there we are, what a perfect way to spend some of International Button Week.


Abbie said…
Hi tina!
Oh, what finds! I love the red ones too.. they are VERY art deco!
You are making me want to go junkin' and see what I can find this week!
Thank you!
tam said…
Cool Beans! Tina you lucky girl you! Very nice finds!
~Tam :D
Autumn said…
ME TOO! I wanna go thrifting!!!!!
I just LOVE the square red ones!!!!