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Delicate but Timeless

I love these buttons. They remind of a times gone by. They have a very delicate appearance and can be used on some many different items. Had fun taking the photograph, it is tricky taking pictures of pale buttons! x

Button Brooch

I saw and was inspired by a button brooch featured on Button Floozies about a year ago. Can not find the post again but if you now it was you thank you for the inspiration and leave a comment here so everyone else knows who it was. I added a small crochet flower as the base of my brooch and the large pink button is vintage. My Mum gave it to me years ago along with a box of other buttons. The wire was the tricky bit but once it was all together it looked really good. I am going to try some other colour combinations next. xx

Button Bling

There's nothing quite like having a little Button Bling in the button box. Here are just a few of the vintage, sparkling gems in mine. If you're a Floozie, I'm sure you have a few, too. I'd love to see what yours look like! Who's next? I hope you'll visit Brynwood Needleworks to see what's new in the studio this week.