vintage button tree

so this is what i made last week - i'm really pleased with it -
it took an awful lot of buttons and pins but i LOVE it!

vintage button tree - wooden spool tree - thimble tree & knitting nancy

my favourite buttons of the moment
green daisies and baby blue bambies
and you can just see the bakelite swallow too.
more pictures and chit-chat on my blog !
{becca and rita were spot on with their guesses - you clever button addicts!}


kate said…
your tree is so great, i love it!!
your so talented...i enjoyed your blog...please visit our new blog
thanks again
LiLi M. said…
Whow this is great! If I would make a tree with the buttons I can find over here it would be a gray brownish one :-(
Anonymous said…
That is just adorable!
Naturegirl said…
adorable and so creative! I love those reindeer buttons!
Jenni B said…
You SHOULD be proud. That tree turned out so cute! And I love the spool tree too!

Jenni B
I'm glad I stumbled on your blog. You have such interesting things. I love the cards!!!! I got a couple ideas to try myself. Isn't it great to find fun blogs?
Oh my goodness! That's adorable!!!!!! It is so perfect and wonderful! What an awesome idea.

Recycled Rita said…
This is awesome! I love it and all the buttons you chose for it! My fav's are the green daisies and the swallows! karen....
Kudzu said…
Oh how cute is that? What beautiful buttons, and I love the "snow" effect of the white buttons. And what a cute clothespin doll?(is that what it is?) How funny, I just made some Christmas trees the last couple days with old quilt pieces,buttons,rickrack, and wooden spools! I'm posting them this evening, LOL!
Jessica Rodarte said…
i told you on your blog, and i'm going to tell you here too, I LOVE your tree. so clever!
misselaineous said…
LOVE the Christmas tree...stumbled upon your site from someone else's blog, and am enjoying your projects. What did you use for the base of the tree? I have a ton of buttons...even have a couple of the swallows, but I think they're a different where on earth did I put those??? *elaine*
jenny said…
thats realy cute i do like buttons and well the old ones are realy neet and well i still wished thay still made them like thay use to the ones i like are motherofparl buttons and them buttons that have jems in them thay are realy nice. any how i 'm going to take one of your blog buttons and put it on my site with the other things that are going on right now
Susan said…
love the tree....I've been collecting buttons for 12 years now...great idea.