Button Sorting with Mom

I was able to spend the weekend with my Mom and Dad in North Dakota. One of the things Mom and I always do is pull out her button collection and play. She's told me that I can have all ofher buttons, but I always say, no, I want us to have buttons to play with the next time I come to visit.

I did take this nice group of mother pearl and these funky warm colored buckles and carved buttons.


Don't know what to say, all those buttons - amazing - wonderful - I'm speechless.
Abbie said…
Hi Beth,
Oh, thos carved MOP buttons are gorgeous!! Just lovely!
thank you for sharing!
Autumn said…
I play buttons with one of my grandgirls,too! There's just something comforting about it!

Another set of grandgirls bought me the sweetest book called"The Button Box" ~ about a mom & grandmom playing in the buttons while they visited!
tam said…
My favorites are buttons made from shells. They are sooo pretty! Love it!
~Tam :D
Mary said…
These are all so wonderful....I'm not going to comment on every post. There is a neat site called: In a minute ago, that the woman has a crazy quilt posted called, "I dropped the button box" and the crazy quilt squares that she made are exquisite with all sorts of buttons and fancy stitching. I may have a link to it on my quilt site.