The Button Jar on My Desk

I have a button jar on my desk that I fill up with all buttons that are new to me. I realized after having all of my buttons neat and tidy (look here, here, here, and here), it would be so easy to maintain organization by putting all of the buttons that come into my house right where they go with the rest of their happy same-colored buttons. Too easy. I love sorting. It's part of the thrill for me. So, I decided that I would put all new buttons in this jar, and sort the buttons when it became full.

Last week for International Button Week, I realized it was perfect timing to sort the goods, and take pictures. :)

I got this pretty postcard as a gift from Angela Harris when I ordered a few things from her on Etsy, and I love it lining my button jar.

I dumped out the pretty buttons, and did what I love: sort.
Yeah. So purdy.


RobinBirdsNest said…
Great idea, your button jar! I end up sticking my new buttons here and there and finally going around collecting them before sorting. I'm gonna start myself a button jar for new presorted buttons too!
Thanks for sharing!
Lorilee said…
Great idea! I also keep mine sorted by color. First I string matching buttons together then I put same colors in a baggie. The baggies are in a plastic box. My collection is probably small by Floozie standards!
Tina Peacock said…
You have some gorgeous buttons! Loving the jar idea as a little home for all those little misfit buttons. I especially like the vintage card! Very pretty!
Tina Peacock said…
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Kudzu said…
I love those white snowflake-looking buttons :D
Happy Thanksgiving,
Heidi said…
I did the same thing as a little girl with the jars and jars of my Grandmother's buttons. It was true bliss and as an adult this act has spilled over to re-arranging stores by color. Thanks for sharing this, it took me way back to a happy place. Heidi
Aack! I love to sort thru "stuff"! Haven't been able to indulge in that past time for a while! Looks fun!
Unknown said…
OOh they like a rainbow :)
Jessica Rodarte said…
Oh you are all so kind! :o) Thank you for leaving me your sweet comments!
Anonymous said…
Just wanted to remark that you don't want to store your buttons in air tight containers, especially if they contain vintage plastics/celluloid or modern metallized plastic buttons, they can give off a gas over time that will cause damage to other buttons. A few holes in the top of the lid can help prevent this. I have seen may tins of buttons with damage because of this issue. An Illinois 3rd generation Button Collector
Libby Buttons said…
O sweetness! Buttons rule!