I Heart Buttons

Feast your eyes on my new vintage buttons!! :) If you want the entire story behind these babies, look here. I washed these buttons because they were in quite a dusty state when I purchased them. Look here on the glorious blog Sugar*Sugar for inspiration on how to wash your lovelies.

My heart goes rat-it-tat-tat for these buttons. ;o) Thank you for visiting.


Linda said…
oh my! I love every one! Linda
LiLi M. said…
I think we all love buttons but we all love sorting buttons more!
Jessica Rodarte said…
lol! me too! :)
Lili M,
I agree. Sorting is so time consuming, yet so fun. :)
Kathleen Grace said…
Ooh, i'm loving that rosey jeweled one on the bottom!
Mrs Pretzel said…
Awesome photos!! LOVE your collection!
Jessica Rodarte said…
Me too! :) It's actually a vintage pin that I snuck in there.
Thank you! I love it when you visit.