Animated Buttons

You may have already seen this one, but it is always worth another look!


Attic Clutter said…
Oh how cute and appropriate for you darling button blog..
I Love coming to see you at your pretty site..always something fun to see..
Hope you are having a great weekend (:)) Hugs, Patty
cwasia said…
Amazing! It made me smile! Thank you for sharing :)
jenclair said…
attic clutter - Thanks, Patty! It seemed so appropriate that I found this video again so soon after becoming a Button Floozie!

cwasia - It is a cheerful video; makes me smile, too!
Attic Clutter said…
I hope we all find our party pants too.. hUgs Patty
Abbie said…
Ha! I love it!! That is just the way our world is, full of diversity, everyone of us is unique and special! So are buttons!
Thank you for sharing!
Anonymous said…
I hadn't seen it before! It was cute and thanks for sharing!!
LiLi M. said…
This clip is so entertaining! I like the wise words of Abbie too! Ahhh we buttonfloozies are a kind of philosophical society aren't we? ;-D
Thanks for sharing!