"Hello, I'm making a garment for the breast cancer walk in NYC in October as
a donation. I'm looking for the (breast cancer) pink ribbon as a button. Any

Kyle Alane

PS Love your blog!!"

I received this email today and I thought I'd come to you, all 40 of you!!! We are now 40 members (floozies) strong and perhaps one of you has an idea of where Kyle might look for Pink Ribbon Buttons. She'll be checking the comments on this post so if anyone has any ideas PLEASE comment!!

Thank you!!




Mrs Pretzel said…
I made a whole post... and now I'm seeing that she meant a REAL button... lol Ahhh well... I'll see what I can dig up on THAT!!
Mrs Pretzel said…
Maybe making a button from sculpey? I might be able to do that, Kyle, if you don't have any... let me know if you might like me to try my hand!