For Kyle

Pay no attention to the rest of this post... I see now that you wanted a REAL button!! lol

I searched on Etsy, and found some neat buttons... and you might also click on the last little picture in this post... that site has MANY neat THINGS for BCA.

I searched on PhotoBucket, and found these:

Breast Cancer Awareness
second.jpg breast cancer image by nikkistaa

ALSO... There is a FREE website that I go to, where you click on a little button, and companies donate money for every click. There's one for Breast Cancer too...
The Breast Cancer Site
Hope that helps!


Anonymous said…
Love your site. Just happened upon as I am in the processing of setting up my website "Buttons and Buttons." I noticed you were in need of a "pink ribbon" button - I have a pink ribbon lapel pin & some "round" pink ribbon bakelites. Would either of these do? Let me know ... I will try to post some pictures of them (First I have to find them!) Thanks for the wonderful site!-Pattie