Button Swap!

I just had to share that I got my buttons from the button swap today in the mail. The beautiful Mermaid Pearls vintage button card is from Linda at Grace Filled Moments, and the wonderful white shaped buttons are from Abbie! These came wrapped in vintage sheet music, yellow seam binding (how appropriate:>) and pink paper lace. Everything is beautiful, thank you ladies!
The other thing I wanted to share was the wonderful button lady I saw at a local church flea market. She had two tables of the most fantastic buttons, buttons like I have never seen seen in my life! Make sure you click on the pictures to get a close up of all this button goodness!
My camera batteries died before I could get more than these two pictures, but this gives you an idea of the kind of goodies she had. The ones below, mother of pearl and onyx. Gorgeous! This lady was so sweet and personable and talked with me for quite some time. She said buttons are the nuber three collectible after coins and stamps. She was headed for a button convention the following week. Her largest sale to a private buyer was $13,000! Can you even imagine spending that on buttons! I can't, I have two kids in college and that certainly keeps the button lust in check, lol.
I plan on having this sweet lady appraise my button collection, I'll let you know what she finds:>)


Sarah said…
I am not ready for school.
I actual have to do 7th grade orientation tomorrow. I have to get to the bus by 7:00am. Is that crazy or what? Well I am ready as in I have every thing except for the stuff i get tomorrow.

That's cool that your son had little friends too. I love cats as well. We have 2. well thanks for stopping bye Viv.

xxoo Sarah
Abbie said…
Hi Kathy!
Wow! Her collection must be fabulous! I just love the green plastic painted ones(in the right hand corner sort of)!

OO.. it must have been fun to just browse through all of those!

Glad you got your package!
Ooooh, I'm drooling over those buttons! I love being able to see the prices too. Gives me new respect for my buttons!
jenclair said…
Oh, I can't imagine how much time I could have spent looking! A surplus of riches on that table...
Anonymous said…
My Grandma collected buttons. When I was about 12 she let me pick some from her collection to start my own. I'll never forget it.
Heidi said…
oh my. I hoard buttons. then I try to give them away. then I hoard. back and forth. THEN YOU PASS ON THE FACT THAT SOMEONE SPENT $13000 ON BUTTONS! LOL I better hang on to my buttons. I have TONS. Wonder if I have any of value.
cherry said…
omiword.....you have some of the sweetest buttons. I love the lucite one. Wowooooooo. I have been using some of mine for crafts..I don't have a collection like you though. cherry
Sue said…
Hi Kathleen,

Thanks for visitng my blog(cottage in the cedars).

Can't wait until I can take the time and read all of your posts--- what great info. I have a few buttons, got go and dig them out--see what I have.

Tamara Jansen said…
Color....shape......texture.....I'm in heaven!

Thanks for stopping by for the "where bloggers create tour".

Love your vintage appeal!
shabbyfufu said…
One of my prized treasures is a large button card, probably from an old general store....all sorts of MOP buttons! Thanks for visiting my blog~Janet
Oh... after seeing your blog...
I want to start collecting pretty buttons too!
Debbie Moss
Thanks for stopping by my Found Style blog... I think we have similar passions, antiques & vintage buttons! I am going to look through some of your posts to see what other treasures you talk about. I'm not that familiar (yet) with NYC. I did do a post about a really great vintage styled diner though which I recommend for a hearty breakfast. I also loved the MOMA...
oops, wanted to leave that message for Stacey @ Flotsom & Jetsom...