A New Floozie

Hi! I've just joined the rest of you Button Floozies in this group of button lovers. I'm jenclair of Bayou Quilts, and like you, have that curious fascination with buttons.

The last few days of July, when I was trying to clean up one of my messes, I had to clear a bunch of buttons off my cutting table. While putting them away, I began looking at some of my button resources - which resulted in several posts on buttons, both old and new. Buttons that just find their way to me whether or not I have any use or need for them, cute or unusual buttons, vintage buttons, buttons with and without cards, embroidered buttons that I want to make, and Dorset buttons that I have made plenty of.

Here are some of my vintage buttons. They are often homely, but so sweet.

This one isn't old, but it is beautiful, and I love it.
A closer look.
I love the cards almost more than the buttons...Because I'd had buttons on my mind, when my granddaughter came to visit last week, I knew buttons would make a great pastime.
We mailed one of her cards to her mother, and she took the other one home when she left. I love the butterfly and dragonfly buttons...won't they make a nice collectible some day?
I've spent quite a bit of time here at Button Floozies, and I'm still discovering all kinds of interesting links, projects, inspiration, and member blogs!


LiLi M. said…
Welcome!! I love the idea of children dreawing with buttons! Those buttons on cards are lovely!
Anonymous said…
Hon, I don't think there is such a thing as a homely button. Not in my book anyway! Your granddaughter did a phenomenal job on those cards. I was really surprised at her knack for creativity. Must be grandma's genes kicking in!
RobinBirdsNest said…
What a pretty collection you have. Love the cards!!
Jessica Rodarte said…
Ooooh! I love the flower buttons on the cards. How fun! :)
Beth Leintz said…
I'm like you- I like the button cards as much as the buttons. Your button artwork is darling!
Cathy said…
I love buttons too Jen.

These are so pretty. Especially the pastel ones.

I use them on almost everything I create.

Thank you for sharing.

xo Cath
jenclair said…
lili - She had such a good time. Originally, we were just going to sort, but when she began making the flowers, I found the cards and glue!

brenda - :) I usually use the word "homely" in the Tolkien sense as in the "last homely house" - comfortable and comforting, homey,unsophisticated, well-used. That is how I see the buttons...a little old-fashioned and reminiscent of my grandmother's buttons.

robinbirdsnest -Thanks!

kids napping - She designed them herself and spent a lot of time arranging and re-arranging. We both had fun!

beth - Old button cards have such charm!

cathy - I'm not sure why they are so delightful, but I almost always love any piece with buttons. Will have to check out some of your creations for inspiration!
Mrs Pretzel said…
Love sorting buttons... even when they don't need sorting...