Hi! I'm Bev....

....and I'm a Button-holic! I want to thank Abbie for welcoming me to the group. I have been "stalking" you guys for a while now, ever since I "hopped" onto your site through someone else's blog.

Check out my blog Country Frog Creations. I have loved buttons ever since I was a little girl hanging out with my Grandmother. I came into alot of her buttons when she passed, and have been adding to my collection ever since. I have a huge box of buttons on cards that an ex-girlfriend of mine came into from a friend of hers. Also, this summer I have been hunting at my northern antique shops and picked up several bags of buttons...some of them for a $1! This picture is of some I just bought a few weeks ago and they are "Honking"!! Check out how they compare to a quarter!

I will be posting the cards I have to the Flickr group after the holiday weekend.

I also wanted to share the button flower I made recently. Here is a close-up shot. I used a large green felt flower from Stampin' UP! as the base, 2 regular buttons, and a fabric button in the middle. These were held together with large glue dots. I just love the colors together.

After seeing all you have posted about your stashes and projects, I only have ONE QUESTION. How do you know a button is "vintage"?? Dumb question, maybe, but I know if they are still on a card it's easier - some would call it cheating - but I have NO idea how you can tell if you'd pick one out of a big jar. Please - a little help here would be greatly appreciated!

I can't wait to get more involved with ya'll and contributing to the site....maybe I will try some button flowers on a wire next.....Thanks for all your inspiration!

Until tomorrow friends....


Abbie said…
Hi Bev!
Welcome! :) Wow! They are huge!! As far as vintage goes.. usually mine are dirty! lol! or cracked.. old vegetable ivory buttons have crazing or light cracks in them, usually antique buttons are made of bone, glass, wood or shell and are inperfect in construction. It is more know ing the materials that helps. Such as being able to recognize bakelite.. or the bone, vegetable ivory. Getting a good book on buttons can help, but mostly I find that touching them, REALLY looking at them, and tinking them against each other (to tell if a button is glass, plastic or metal) helps.
Good luck! enjoy!!
Mrs Pretzel said…
Yes... the dirtier the better... lol ALTHOUGH, I've seen some pretty NEW dirty buttons... I think you just start to get a feel... for myself, I try to check the store to see what's in, because knowing what NEW looks like, helps me spot the dirty new ones vs the dirty OLD ones. Isn't that helpful!?!? lol